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Itsuki Yamazaki Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-25 | DVD 4 Tag Team - 4 Pro Girl Matches Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling DVD | WWO-25 Approx. Run T.. Product #: WWO-25 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-25 | DVD

4 Tag Team - 4 Pro Girl Matches
Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling
DVD | WWO-25 Approx. Run Time 104 min
The tough Mexicans star in two six girl tag team matches and in the third 6 girl match, a bloodbath takes place as the meanest women of Japan attack each other with anything they can get their hands on, the reff runs for his life! This exciting line up will prove that the Japanese women are the fiercest Amazons in the World!

WWO-25 has 4 Tag Team Matches and 4 Pro Girl Matches

1. N. Santori & Y. Omori & C. Nagayo VS. D. Matsumoto & L. Gonzalez & M. Kaziko (3 Way Tag Team)
2. Itsuki Yamazaki VS. Condor Saito (Pro Girl on Girl)

The first fierce match is a 3 way tag team. Spectacular aerial lifts body slams four-way dropkick`s catapults body slams, Shoulder drops wicked clothes lines. Incredible action as these veterans of professional wrestling bring it on! Fast and furious to a wild three-way dropkick which leaves one fighter out cold on the ring floor ending the day for the challengers. Next, If you like a bigger girl versus a smaller girl this is your match! A little wild cat in a striped one piece fights with all her fury. Powerful leg scissors, belly punching, bare fisted punching to the face, flying drop kick`s and body slams! Standing choke holds, and back breakers. One opponent is held by valets in the turnbuckle and violently assaulted then, gets gang beat up outside the ring. One opponent is cheated out of the win and is furiously explodes in the ring, no rules here!

3. D. Masami & N. Tateno & S. Paniko VS. D. Matsumoto & Y. Saito & R. Moreno (3 Way Tag Team) 1986

3 on 3 Tag team with some very angry Japanese women wrestlers. One of the girls brings in a long cane and the brawl is on! Seems like there are no rules in this match is these girls just brutally assaulted each other from pillar to post in the ring and all over the audience floor! If you like big women you`ll love this free for all, wild and ruthless Wrestling tag team match. It`s hard to bring these big girls down, But these smaller, athletic and very skilled Japanese fighters are up for the game.

4. S. Paniko VS. N. Santori (Pro Girl on Girl)
These two professionals fight with honor and respect. Very old style MMA Fighting mixed with Professional Wrestling. With great tight mat grappling, painful submission holds, combined with powerful body slams, suplexes, pile drivers and huge back breakers of the top ropes. Both women are evenly matched in this very tough wrestling match. This contest ends in a draw.

5. L. Gonzalez & R. Moreno VS. C. Nagayo & N. Santori (2 Way Tag Team)
6. C. Nagayo & N. Santori & M. Kaziko VS. D. Masami & Y. Omori & S. Paniko (3 Way Tag Team)
First we have a 2 on 2 Tag Team where champions are out to defend their belt. The contenders are greedy to get it back and ignoring all the rules! They fight dirty from the start and there is not much the Ref can do to stop them! Non-stop, high flying, body slamming heart pounding action! The end of the match comes as a huge double body slam off the top rope finally gets one tag team pinned. A spectacular finish!

Next is a 3 on 3 Tag Team. These Japanese women wrestlers know how to bring it on with crushing blow`s, tests of strengths, high flying bodies slams, backbreakers, top rope splashes, DDTs, barefaced punching, clotheslines, drop kicks, bull dogs, suplexes, to a with huge, fast and violent finish!

7. D Matsumoto VS. Condor Saito (Bloody Match)
8. C. Nagayo VS. N. Santori (Pro Girl on Girl)
Bring on the big strong women! These two have no love for each other as they start with beating each other with canes, smash each other from pillar to post, bare fisted punching, head butts, and powerful suplexes. Both are bruised and bloodied from the onslaught. But that doesn’t stop them! These amazons are brutal! The fight doesn’t stop till on big woman is laid out flat on the ring floor, covered in blood and beaten to exhaustion.

Next, we have very professional fighters, who take the rules seriously. Excellent ground grappling to beautiful aerial maneuvers’. Exciting action including, tight cross face choke holds, painful submission holds, vicious kicks, piled river’s stomach punching, and high flying back drops. A pounding suplex takes out the looser for the finish as one fighter reigns victorious.


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Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-25 | DVD
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