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Wrestler Stats: 5'7" 120lbs
Seen in: Professional Women?s Wrestling
Biography:This sexy wrestling diva Raquel, was trained by Peggy Lee Leather for Los Angeles based promotion, WOW, Women of Wrestling. Known as Caliente, her gimmick was a "Fiery Latina". Her love for Salsa dancing was the inspiration for this successful model, actress and writer.A graceful athlete and exciting performer, Raquel is an accomplished Professional Wrestler. Her Steel Kittens matches are tough bouts with the likes of rival latina Valentina, beautiful Frankie, veteran Belle, powerhouse Fire, and her number one adversary, Onyx, former "Bronco Billy" from "Women of Wrestling". Always exciting to watch her knowledge of creative and skillful wrestling holds and moves will mesmerize you while they keep her opponent's on the run!

Interview: Women Wrestler, Raquel

How did you get your start in Wrestling?
I started on the TV show WOW--Women of Wrestling as Caliente--the salsa-dancing wrestler.

Any hero’s in the business?
My favorite wrestler to watch of all time was Becky The Farmer's Daughter from WOW.

Where were you trained to Wrestle?
I tried out for WOW with almost a thousand women. We were trained for three months and every day people were cut until we ended up with about 25 women who became the cast for the show.

What is your favorite style of wrestling? Pro-style

What is your favorite move and finishing hold? The Mexican Surfboard is my finishing move.

Any comments on your first bout?
Riot from WOW hit me in the face, twice, with her steel, wrist brace during my first match with WOW. I remember thinking, "game on!"

With whom have you had your best bouts at Steel Kittens? And why?
I have had many great matches at Steel Kittens. I dig deep in all my matches, and all the women I have wrestled at Steel Kittens are tough and talented, so each one is different.

Who is your tough st competitor?
Onyx, she might not be my toughest but we have an ongoing rivalry.

Any major injuries? No. Knock on wood.

What is your training discipline? I run on the beach a lot.

Fast Facts:

What are your interests outside the ring?  Writing/giving dating advice and being by the beach.

Favorite Desert? Hot, chocolate-chip cookies

Favorite Food? avocado-cucumber sushi rolls

Favorite Band? The Beatles

Favorite Movie? Singing in the Rain

Favorite Car? Hybrids

Favorite Store? Forever 21

Favorite Drink? Ied tea with boba

What is your most favorite thing to do when you relax? Watch movies

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Valentina vs. Raquel | Download
Approx. Run Time 47 min

Pro Style Mixed Wrestling | WWC-G1-3 | Highlight Download
Women's Wrestling Convention Circa 2002
Raquel Vs. Big Guy

Raquel vs. Masked-O | Download
Approx. Run Time 25 min

DVD: Battle Zone
Approx. Run Time 50 min

Raquel vs. Bill | Download
Approx. Run Time 19 min

Intensity - Clip 3
Mixed Wrestling
Raquel vs. Masked 0

Intensity - Clip 4
Mixed Wrestling
Raquel vs. Masked 0

Power Trip - Clip 1
Mixed Wrestling
Raquel vs. Bill

Power Trip - Clip 2
Mixed Wrestling
Raquel vs. Bill

Battle Zone - Clip 1
Professional Women’s Wrestling
Valentina vs. Raquel

Battle Zone - Clip 2
Professional Women’s Wrestling
Valentina vs. Raquel

Latina Heat
Women’s Professional Wrestling
Valentina aka “Latina Heat” vs. Raquel

Latina Heat
Women’s Professional Wrestling
Valentina aka “Latina Heat” vs. Raquel

Intensity - Clip 7
Mixed Wrestling
Raquel vs. Masked 0