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Chigusa Nagayo | Japanese Women Wrestler

Chigusa Nagayo

Chigusa Nagayo, ex-pro wrestler and founder of the GAEA Women’s Professional Wrestling organisation and Marvelous women’s pro-wrestling, first achieved mainstream popularity in the ’80s as a member of tag team The Crush Gals, who became pop culture sensations with a number of top ten singles.

She was the founder of the GAEA Women's Professional Wrestling organization (known simply as GAEA). She briefly competed as alter-ego Lady Zero in GAEA. Nagayo appears in the 2000 documentary Gaea Girls made for the BBC by Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams.

Often referred to in Japan as “the most popular woman wrestler of all time“, Nagayo is now becoming even more popular with the public after it was revealed that she stepped in to stop an assault on a woman during a recent visit to Hokkaido. 

Signature Moves:

Death Valley Driver
Diving Moonsault
Running Three
Super Freak
Super Freak II

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Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-25-05 | Streaming / Download
2 Pro Girl Matches
1. D Matsumoto VS. Condor Saito
2. C. Nagayo VS. N. Santori
Approx. Run Time 26 min

Japanese Tape WWO-24 - Clip 8
Japanese Women's Wrestling
Chigusa Nagayo Vs Masked You

Japanese-Tape WWO-17 - Clip 1
Japanese Professional Women`s Wrestling
Chigusa Nagayo Vs Keiko Nakano

Japanese Tape WWO-25 - Clip 5
Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling
L. Gonzalez & R. Moreno VS. C. Nagayo & N. Santori

Japanese Tape WWO-25 - Clip 8
Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling
C. Nagayo VS. N. Santori