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Christine "Tenea"
Wrestler Stats: 5'4" 120 lbs
Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling, Pro-Amateur Female Wrestling, Female Wrestling Catfights, Mixed Wrestling, and Special Interest Womens Wrestling
Biography: Christine obviously is very beautiful, being a former "Penthouse Pet", but she's also is a great fighter. Not relying on her looks to get ahead in the world of female wrestling, Christine trains hard and at one point in her career fought in the amateur ranks of women's kick boxing. Christine is considered one of the toughest opponents in both female wrestling and in mixed wrestling. She is also not afraid to bare it "all" and enjoys a good old fashioned cat fight or a sexy fantasy/fetish match. Christines' performances are always a thrill and you'll enjoy seeing her excellent Steel Kittens matches!
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Christine vs. Luke | Download
Approx. Run Time 26 min

Female Wrestling, Comptitive | WWC-W33 | Download
Women's Wrestling Convention Circa 2000
Christi E. Vs. Christine

Christine vs. Goldie | Download
Approx. Run Time 37 min

Christine vs. Travis | Download
Approx. Run Time 21 min

Tummy Struck | Ring Master | Belly Punching | DVD
Female Wrestling | Fantasy | Belly Punching

Female Wrestling, Comptitive | WWC-W27 | Download
Women's Wrestling Convention Circa 2000
Chantel Vs. Christine + Hollywood

Ring Master | 4 Way Belly Punching | Download
Female Wrestling | Fantasy | Belly Punching
Jen, Desire, Christine, Stacy
str_sk-402-02 Approx Run Time: 30 mins

DVD: Savage She Cats 250
Approx. Run Time 50 min

Christine vs. Peter | Download
Approx. Run Time 21 min

Female Wrestling | WWC-W47 | Download
Women's Wrestling Convention Circa 2000
Krissy Vs. Christine

DVD: Manslaughter
Approx. Run Time 55 min

Belly Bashers | Christine Vs. Stacy | Belly Punching | Download
Female Wrestling, Fantasy, Fetish, Belly Punching, Topless
Approx Run Time: 13 mins

DVD: Belly Bashers | Jack Hammer | Dual Submissions | Belly Punching
Female Wrestling | Fantasy/Fetish
Belly Punching | Topless