Women's Wrestling (Pro-AM)

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Christine "Tenea" Female Wrestling | Ruff, Wild & Rowdy | DVD Approx. Run Time 60 min.. Product #: SK-72 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Female Wrestling | Ruff, Wild & Rowdy | DVD

Nancy vs. Tenea * Christy E. Vs. Diane B.
2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches
SK-72 Approx. Run Time 60 min
Get set for two of the roughest, toughest pro-am female wrestling apartment matches ever! The first match features the tall and talented Nancy wearing a bright red bikini and battling the busty Tenea, who barely fits into her jet black suit. Each of the girls circle the other, searching for an opening, when suddenly Nancy downs the dark haired beauty and wraps her long legs around Tenea’s snow white body. Tenea escapes and catches Nancy in a howling Boston Crab. Nancy’s screams fill the apartment as Tenea shows no mercy!

Nancy wiggles out of the crab and goes straight for Tenea’s top, which she quickly snatches away, exposing two huge, perfect breasts. Tenea quickly evens things up by removing Nancy’s top, as well. Nancy catches Tenea in a fireman’s carry, body slams the brunette, and pounces on her quivering body. The battle turns vicious, with breasts mauled and pulled, as each she-cat attacks the feminine domain of her opponent’s body. Tenea pushes Nancy into the wall and savagely kicks her breasts with a powerful karate kick! Tenea has picked on the wrong girl to mess with, because it turns out Nancy is a karate expert! Nancy wastes no time in delivering a rigorous kick square to Tenea’s face. Nancy senses her victory, and she produces an onslaught of airplane spins and kicks that leave Tenea gasping for air. After a breast squeezing attack, one gladiator straddles the other, places her hands over her opponent’s nose and mouth, and screams for submission! A beaten loser lies on the floor as the winner places her foot between her prey’s slippery breasts!

Another vicious pro-am female wrestling match opens with the impressive Christy E. in a scarlet bikini taking on the beautiful Diane. Who is poured into a pint-sized navy bikini. Right out of the gate, powerful Christy applies a deadly body scissors to Diane’s stomach. As Diane stretches, gasping for air, her breasts pop out of her bikini top. Chisty wastes no time in ripping the tops completely off, fully exposing Diane’s large breasts. These two powerful women soon transform the apartment into a torture chamber as each inflicts pain on the other. Christy applies her fateful figure 4 leglock, and Diane can only struggle to keep form passing out. Finally, a smothering body press in combination with a leg pretzel leaves the unfortunate loser completely defeated. One of the “tuffest” pro-am female wrestling bouts ever captures on film!


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Female Wrestling | Ruff, Wild & Rowdy | DVD
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