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Itsuki Yamazaki Japanese Women's Wrestling | DVD 5 Tag Teams - 6 Pro Girl Matches Japanese Professional Women`s Wrestling DVD | WWO-09 Approx. R.. Product #: WWO-09 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-09 | DVD

Japanese Professional Women`s Wrestling Matches
5 Tag Teams & 6 Pro Girl Matches
WWO-09 Approx. Run Time 119 min
  1. Itsuki Yamazaki Vs Chigusa Nagayo
  2. Judy Martin & Desiree Paterson Vs Ayumi Hori & Yukari Omori
  3. Lioness Asuka Vs Tenjin Masami
  4. Rimi Yokota & Noriyo Tateno Vs K. Matsumoto & Masked You
  5. Ayumi Hori Vs Peggy Patterson
  6. Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno Vs Yukari Omori & Chigusa Nagayo
  7. Tenjin Masami Vs Penny Mitchell
  8. Rimi Yokota & Lioness Asuka Vs Masked You & K. Matsumoto
  9. Tarantula Vs Itsuki Yamazaki
  10. Peggy Lee & Susan Starr & K. Matsumoto Vs Rimi Yokota & Noriyo Tateno & K. Nakano
  11. Mimi Hagiwara Vs Tenjin Masami
Japanese professional women`s wrestling stars have a tradition of pushing US pros to their limits. American beauties Penny Mitchell, Peggy Patterson & Peggy Lee face off against Japanese warriors Rimi Yokota, Tenjin Masami, and Ayumi Hori. The “Women Warriors of the Orient” teach them a lesson they will never forget. Add this spectacular compilation to your collection!


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Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-09 | DVD
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