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Tenjin Masami

Tenjin Masami
Wrestler Stats:
Masami debut in 1978, ws trained by AJW. She had many alias's (Devil Fujin, Devil Masami, Madame Devil, Masami Takahashi, Okaasa~n, Super Heel Devil Masami, Tenjin Masami, X). Her trademark moves: Guillotine Legdrop, Lariat, Rolling Senton, Sitdown Powerbomb and Sleeper Hold (Fire Valley Sleeper). Finishing Moves: Fire Valley and Powerbomb.
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Japanese Women's Wrestling WWO-08_04 | Streaming / Download
2 Pro Girl Matches
1. K. Matsumoto Vs Lioness Asuka
2.Tenjin Masami Vs Monster Ripper
Approx. Run Time 25 min