Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Belle DVD: The Contenders: Vol. 1 Approx. Run Time 57 min.. Product #: SK-287 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: The Contenders: Vol. 1

Frankie vs. Fire * Belle vs. Raquel /Reff: Onyx
Women’s Professional Wrestling
SK-287 Approx. Run Time 57 min
Welcome to the Steel Kittens Ring! These matches are two out of 3 fall, Women’s Professional Wrestling, Championship Contender Matches. First entering the ring is Fire, in a blazing red robe with a blue metallic suit. Next, is Frankie, in a peach bikini. The Ref stats the rules and the match begins. Bear Hugs, head locks, clotheslines, tests of strengths and body splashes. Frankie starts to fight dirty and rakes Fires eyes, Fire is enraged! The Reff’s count favors Frankie, and Fire has her work cut out for her. Both women wrestlers really want a shot at the belt and the battle of the wills continue. With bulldogs, more body splashes, stomps and viscous chops, but the Reff keeps things in Frankie’s favor. As the ref quickly counts out Fire, an angry Fire assaults Frankie, but the Ref lets Frankie escape. This competitive match ends with some dirty tactics by one competitor and the Ref, leaving a very angry opponent who really got cheated out of this competition. But she will be back!

Our next two contenders are Belle in a stunning lime green suit, and Raquel, in a pink bikini. A fast and furious Professional Women’s Wrestling Match quickly erupts. With catapults, kicks, flips, leg drops, knee drops, leg-bars, clotheslines, body-splashes and suplexes. Belle gets to work on punishing Raquel’s elbow. Raquel rallies back hard, with leg drops and great pretzel holds. Belle is able to escape, but Raquel comes in with a surprise drop kick to breast and has Belle floored, Raquel sweeps in for and devastating Angels Wing and gets the first fall. Belle is not happy about loosing the first fall and goes after Raquel with a vengeance. Belle wants that belt! A brutal figure four, knee kicks to the kidneys, stomach punches, and a fast airplane spin, that has Raquel in a daze. Belle gets the 2nd fall with a cross face. Both girls are on a rampage as they assault one another. Belle finally gets a clothesline in on Raquel, drags her to the corner post and damages Raquel’s knee. She continues to pour on the punishment till a weekend Raquel can no long endure the pain. Belle posing in Victory “I’m going to the Championship!”


Wrestlers : Belle, Fire, Frankie, Onyx, Raquel
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DVD: The Contenders: Vol. 1
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DVD Product: $24.95