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Wrestler Stats: 5' 5" 125lbs
Seen In: Professional Women's Wrestling and Special Interest
Biography: Onyx started her wrestling career as Bronco Billy on WOW, Women of Wrestling. This fiery brunette has great wrestling skills and holds her own against some of the best female wrestlers of the day. Being a professional woman wrestler is only one of her many talents, she also is a hard working actress and has graced the screen in lots of television shows. She has fought over these major rolls against Frankie in the Steel Kittens ring. This fearless diva has also taken on male opponents in mixed wrestling but her biggest ongoing rivalry is non other than ex WOW Girl, Raquel aka Caliente. Anything can happen when these two wrestling diva's meet in the Steel Kittens ring, and we have great fights to prove it! Always a thrill to watch, you are sure to enjoy this dynamo in action!

Female Wrestler: Onyx, Interview

How did you get your start in Wrestling? WOW women of wrestling audition.

Any hero’s in the business? Jet Li

Where were you trained to wrestle? PPW, WOW, UPW

Any favorite coaches or mentors? Jake Shannon with PPW.

What is your favorite style of wrestling? MMA.

What is your favorite move and finishing hold? Rock Bottom and Choke out.

What other combat skills to you have and enjoy? Swat

Any comments on your first bout? Pay attention!

With whom have you had your best bouts at Steel Kittens? And why? One of my best matches was with Raquel. I let her know for sure that she’s not going to change me. That woman drives me nutts. My match with Belle was tough, but one of my best ever.

What are some of your personal career highlights? BA Degree, Pay Per View, Feature films, Spiderman.

Any major InjuriesThank God, No!

What is your training discipline? Be tough hang in there.

What are your future plans or career goals? Superstar Action Heroine.

Fast Facts:

What are your interests outside the ring? Hikes, bikes, traveling, kitties and sunsets.

Favorite Desert? Chocolate Cake.

Favorite Food? Salmon.

Favorite Band? Seal

Favorite Movie? Pirates of Caribbean.

Favorite Car? Escalade.

Favorite Store? Ross.

Favorite Drink? Mojotos.

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Pro Style Women's Wrestling | WWC-G1-2 | Highlight Download
Women's Wrestling Convention Circa 2002
Pro Style Women's Wrestling

Pro Style Women's Wrestling | WWC-G1-1 | Highlight Download
Women's Wrestling Convention Circa 2002
Onyx Vs. Raquel

DVD: Raging Rivals
Approx. Run Time 55 min

DVD: Power Trip
Approx. Run Time 55 min

DVD: The Champ
Approx. Run Time 45 min

Masked Girl vs. Sir X | Download
Approx. Run Time 17 min

Onxy vs. Arnie | Download
Approx. Run Time 18 min

Last Chance - Clip 2
Professional Women’s Wrestling Squash Match
Onyx vs. Valentina

Power Trip - Clip 3
Mixed Wrestling
Masked Girl vs. Sir X

Power Trip - Clip 4
Mixed Wrestling
Masked Girl vs. Sir X

Last Tango - Clip 3
Mixed Wrestling
Onxy vs. Arnie

Last Tango - Clip 4
Mixed Wrestling
Onxy vs. Arnie