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Wrestler Stats: 5'10" 145 lbs
Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling
Biography: Interview with Female Wrestler: Fire!

What prompted you to think about getting into wrestling?
I have always been athletic and really have always wanted to remain physically active and make my living that way.....ironically enough in America female athlete do not make a reasonable living at their craft---although in recent years it looks like it is changing. So I thought that stunts/wrestling will allow me to fill the criteria of what I want to do as well as see the world and it has let me do that as well.

How did you get your start?
I answered an ad that Ric Dresin former WWF star wrote wanting to train female wrestlers. I went to the audition and started working out and loved it ---then Ric got seriously injured and had to stop and that forced me to meet others train Lucha and just get out there anyway I knew how and now Ric is back and still training and I get to have had his experience along with many other amazing trainers.

Who is your hero in the business?
One that comes right away to mind is Nikki the NY Knockout. She actually started years after me and seeing what she has transformed herself into without losing her goals and dreams and keeping it all real inspires me to be a better wrestler and person myself.Then of course there are the staples: Lady Victoria (Mexican one) SableLuna Vachon ---any wrestler who is a grandma and can still kick my ass I MUST respect! And then there is Belle, owner of Steel Kittens. I can’t say enough about her, she is just awesome to work with.

Where and with who did you train?
My new thing is I train whenever and with whoever I can---learning new lucha moves or 'old-style" with Ric, Steel Kittens or with absolute green kids all helps me become a better wrestler!

What is your favorite style of wrestling?
Lucha by far!

What other combat skills do you have and enjoy?
I enjoy the art of deceiving!!! It is the best and laziest combat skill but it works!!

Any comments on your first bout?
First bout was a 6 women tag match at some Huntington Beach high school and well, I was hooked Ric was out...pulled or dislocated his quads and it was up to all of us to decide if we wanted to continue wrestling.

With whom have you had your best bouts and why?
I learned calmness from Lady Victoria the SableLuna.

Who is your toughest competitor?
Nikki the NY Knockout by far!

What are some of your personal career highlights?
Traveling to Japan, Mexico, Alaska all over the U.S. wrestling and meeting great people who could ask for anything more?

Any major injuries?
None---I'm lucky and yes, I know it!

What is your training discipline?
Don't go into this being afraid ----if you do, you AND your partner will get hurt.

What are your future plans or career goals?
Keeping on keeping on!

Fast Facts:

What are your interests outside the ring? My 3 dogs and walking with them on a daily basis ---sometimes it s the simple things that really keep you going!
Favorite Hobbies? Any exercise, especially hiking and traveling of course ---Japan is my new destination that I want to get back to esp Sapporo (not just a Japanese beer!)
Favorite Food? Bread and cheese.......brie is my new craving that I need to curtail.
Favorite Desert? Can I just stop due to my bread and cheese fetish?
Favorite Band? I'm listening to Men at Work right now "Who can it be now? Acoustic version. Next on my cue is Pussy Cat Dolls---I'm all over the place musically!
Favorite Movies? Just saw Journey to the Center of the Earth ---Loved it!! Favs though are 16 candles, Goonies, Can't Hardly Wait---almost anything EXCEPT scary movies ---no way!
Favorite Cars? I own a scooter and a big old van. How’s that for diversity.
What is your most favorite thing to do when you relax? Music and boring---I veg at the TV!
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Approx. Run Time 24 min

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Approx. Run Time 7 min

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