Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Onyx DVD: The Champ Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: sk-286 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: The Champ

Onyx aka “The Warrior Queen” vs. Valentina aka “Latina Heat”
Professional Women’s Wrestling
sk-286 Approx. Run Time 45 min
The Championship match has finally been set, Onyx aka “The Warrior Queen” is the favorite. Valentina aka “Latina Heat” is the upstart under dog. Since the signing of the contract Valentina has kept her mouth running about how she is going to destroy Onyx. On the other hand, Onyx just scoffs at anything Valentina says. The Rules: Championship Belt Match. No Ref, Hardcore, First to Win Three Falls, 5 count Pin or Submission. Its Winner Take All! Today is the day all scores will be settled. After some trash talking interviews, Latina Heat tries The Warrior Queens patients till she just lets Latina have it by choking her with her own pink robe! A nasty exchange of holds erupts and this heated battle ensues. Both women realize the importance of winning and get in some really hard jabs to the face and shots to the ribs. The first fall ends with one competitor with a badly bruised eye. The Warrior Queen has her hands full in the next fall, as she realizes this is not the same Valentina she beat to a pulp in their last match.

Exchanging fast holds and savage punches, one fighter’s forehead is now bleeding, she is stunned, flat out on the ring floor at the end of round two. Thinking she has enough time to recover for round three, this tough fighting match fiercely ensues, till several devastating kicks to the face and vicious pounding to the body does one fierce competitor in for good. The victor punishes her opponent further with powerful head scissors. Satisfied, she poses in great victory and says, “So Who’s Next!


Wrestlers : Onyx, Valentina
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DVD: The Champ
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