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Wrestler Stats: 5'4" 125 lbs
Seen in: Women's Wrestling and Mixed Wrestling Matches
Biography:Valentina got a taste of wrestling as a valet while in NYC. A self proclaimed "little bad ass" she was taking on all with 100% intensity. She has been contracted to numerous federation's and travels the world. One of her passions outside the ring for staying in shape is competing in Pole Dancing competitions, which is very challenging! Valentina loves a good challenge and this diva has wrestled some of the best talent anywhere. The Ebony Princess, Cheryl "Lighting" Rusa, Powerhouse blonde Fire, Raquel, Belle, Onyx and Frankie. You'll love watching Valentina show off her badass attitude in her Mixed Wrestling Matches. This little blonde dynamo is in it to win it, she is a hard working and trains consistently to better her game.

Woman Wrestler: Valentina, Interview

How did you get your start in Wrestling?
I always LOVED wrestling as a kid, and when I was 14 I decided I really wanted to be a part of it. I started wrestling school at 17!!

Any hero’s in the business?
I always loved Sunny. She was my inspiration. I wanted to be just like her when I was like 13! I also admire Trish Stratus because she had the determination to be on top.

Where were you trained to Wrestle?
I trained at the LIWF doghouse in Brooklyn, NY.

Any favorite coaches or mentors?
My trainer Homicide of course!! He is the best!! He really pushed me and I loved every minute of it.

What is your favorite style of wrestling?
I am a striker for sure, and I love singles matches.

What is your favorite move and finishing hold?
I love to give tornado ddt's and camel clutches!!What other combat skills to you have and enjoy? I like kickboxing.

Any comments on your first bout?
Man, it was pretty crummy!!!

With whom have you had your best bouts at Steel Kittens? And why?
Hmm, it has to be my matches against the men, because I totally destroy and punish them!!

Who is your toughest competitor?
Belle for sure! She beat the shit out of me!!!!!

What are some of your personal career highlights?
Wrestling for the troops in the middle east after 9-11, and also being a part of WSX on MTV.

Any major injuries?
No Thank God, but a lot of brusies, fat lips and black eyes!

What is your training discipline?
I workout 5-6 days a week and watch everything I eat.

What are your future plans or career goals?
I would like to be WWE Women's Champ.

Fast Facts:

What are your interests outside the ring?
Working out, the internet, working on my gourmet dog treat business.

What are your Favorite Hobbies?
I like researching holistic medicines and cures, as well as different nutritional facts. I am a personal trainer so I like to learn different exercise techniques one of which is Pole Dancing, I love it!

Favorite Desert? Anything CHOCOLATE!!!
Favorite Food? Steak and pizza
Favorite Band? Danity Kane
Favorite Movie? Dirty Dancing
Favorite Car? I like Audi's and Hummers.
Favorite Store? Whole Foods/Trader Joe's. For clothes, anything in Beverly Hills!
Favorite Drink? Midori Sour
What is your most favorite thing to do when you relax? Get a massage

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Valentina vs. Gravel | Download
Approx. Run Time 29 min

Rex vs. Valentina | Download
Approx. Run Time 24 min

Black Diamond - Clip 3
Mixed Wrestling
Valentina vs. Gravel

Black Diamond - Clip 4
Mixed Wrestling
Valentina vs. Gravel

Twice the Vice - Clip 3
Pro Style Mixed Wrestling
Rex vs. Valentina

Twice the Vice - Clip 4
Pro Style Mixed Wrestling
Rex vs. Valentina