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Reggie Bennett "Lace" Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling str_va-70-17-02 | Download Approx. Run Time 27 min.. Product #: str_va-70-17-02 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling str_va-70-17-02 | Download

Match Competitors: 1. 12 Tag Team (24 Girl) Battle Royal Orga & La Gata | Kat Le Roux & Linda Dallas | The Beast & Alma Alverez | Candi Devine & Rusty Thomas | Bambi & Valia Hosaka | Terri Power & Reggie Bennett | Sue Sexton &Heidi Lee Morgan | Misty Blue Sims & Allison Royal | Judy Martin & LeLani Kai | Magnificent Mimi & Denise Storm | Black Venus & The Bad Girl | Sindy Paradise & Sweet Georgia Brown
2. Malia Hosaka vs. Magnificent Mimi
3. Bambi & Malia Hosaka vs. Judy Martin & LeLani Kai.
1 Pro Wrestling Match, 1 Tag Team Match, and 1 Battle Royal
str_va-70-17-02 Approx. Run Time 27 min
Professional women`s wrestling with some really brutal battles here as big Reggie Bennett takes on a Nasty Girl and Sue Sexton battles The Beast in a bruising match that will shock you! Also in store is a twelve team (24 Girl) Battle Royal match. Other favorites on this 70’s & 80’s tape are Susan Green, Velvet MciIntyre, Magnificent Mimi and Bambi. Watch these awesome women wrestlers battle their way to victories as opponents are devastated!


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Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling str_va-70-17-02 | Download
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