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Reggie Bennett

Reggie Bennett "Lace"
Wrestler Stats: 5'8" 160 lbs
Seen in: Professional Womens Wrestling Videos
Biography: Reggie Bennett began wrestling on the Californian independent circuit in 1986, primarily for the Independent Wrestling Federation, where she won the promotion?s Women?s Championship three times. Soon after, she was signed to the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association, LPWA, and entertained crowds all over the world. Bennett then signed with All Japan Women?s Pro-Wrestling in 1994 and competed there for several years. Bennett faced Chigusa Nagayo at the Big Egg Wrestling Universe show at the Tokyo Dome on November 20, 1994. She won the IWA World Women?s Championship on May 15, 1995, defeating Manami Toyota. She lost the IWA Title later in 1995 to Takako Inoue. Bennett then went on to capture the All Pacific Championship by defeating Mariko Yoshida and then Kaoru Ito in a tournament on June 22, 1996, although she would again lose her title to Takako Inoue. Reggie Bennett retired from professional wrestling in 2004.Steel Kittens is proud to have Reggie Bennett as one of our legendary woman wrestlers and we host a large collection of both newer and rare vintage matches of this powerfully strong and excellent performer.
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Vintage Women's Professional Wrestling VA-70-11-03 | Streaming / Download
1. Reggie Bennett Vs Denise Storm
2. Madusa Miceli Vs Kat LeRoux
3. Desiree Peterson & Cheryl Day Vs Judy Martin & LeLani Kai  Approx. Run Time 20 min

Vintage Women's Professional Wrestling VA-70-10-04 | Streaming / Download
1. Reggie Bennett & Shelly Francis Vs Black Venus & The Bad Girl
2. Sue Sexton Vs Lady X (Title Bout)
3. Reggie Bennett Vs The Bad Girl    Approx. Run Time 24 min

Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling VA-70-27 | DVD
2 Mixed Pro Matches, 2 Tag Team Matches & 1 Pro Girl Match!

Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling VA-70-27-01 | Streaming / Download
1.  Cutie Suzuki, Mayumi Ozaki vs. Bull Nakano, Akira Hokuto Tag Team  2.  Sabrina vs. Joyce Grable  3.  Miss Tasha, Motley Cruz vs. Miss Texas and the Spellbinder - Mix Tag Team   Approx. Run Time 24

Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling VA-70-27-02 | Streaming / Download
1. Tasha Simone, Motley Cruz, Reggie B. Fine vs. Miss Texas and P.G. 13 ( tag team J.C. Ice and Wolfie D.) - Mix Tag Team  2. Tateno Noriyo, Yamasaki itsuki vs. Bull Natano, Hiroyo Matsumoto – Tag Team   Approx. Run Time 16 min

DVD: Reggie Bennett in Japan WWO-26
Reggie Bennett, et. al.
Professional Women`s Wrestling

DVD: Vintage 80’s & 90’s VA-70-11
Approx. Run Time 120 min

Reggie Bennett, et. al. str_WWO-26-01 | Download
Reggie Bennett, et. al. (PT 1)
Professional Women`s Wrestling

Reggie Bennett, et. al. str_WWO-26-03 | Download
Reggie Bennett, et. al. (PT 3)
Professional Women`s Wrestling

Reggie Bennett, et. al. str_WWO-26-04 | Download
Reggie Bennett, et. al. (PT 4)
Professional Women`s Wrestling