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Riptide RipTide vs. Famous B | Download Approx. Run Time 21 min.. Product #: str_sk-361-02 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

RipTide vs. Famous B | Download

Mixed Wrestling Pro Style
str_sk-361-02 Approx. Run Time 21 min
This mixed wrestling challenge features the one and only RipTide. A Pro Woman Wrestler with experience and attitude. She wants everyone to know that she is the best! An accomplished competitor who loves to show it off! Well, Famous B is no slouch in the ring and he is sick and tired of RipTide. Behind the scenes, he has been waiting for this moment to let RipTide know that he is the better wrestler!
He explodes in the ring and is out to prove that RipTide is not the Bad Ass she claims to be. Famous B is loaded with experience and attitude of his own. “Your going to learn today RipTide”! RipTide is slammed, kicked and choked in a furious fray of attacks! But RipTide responds back with her “Power and Grace”. She almost breaks his arm then delivers some devastating crotch kicks and Famous B is in, holding his business in pain! Surfboards, abb splits, choking, punching, kicking, and submissions, they exchange holds.
RipTide finds herself in a wicked camel clutch and Famous B bites her hand and she is in tears! RipTide is pissed and Famous B soon finds himself the victim of a violent butt buster trapped in the turn buckle! Ride the Wave, Baby! This tough and evenly contested match is hard fought by two talented wrestlers, but a woman’s work is never done, and he is caught off guard and suffers a good and hard, split bump to the crotch! But that is not enough for RipTide! She slams him in pounding DDT with devastating face plant and his day is clearly done! Never under estimate the power of a woman! Ride the Wave Baby!


Wrestlers : Riptide
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RipTide vs. Famous B | Download
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