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Carissa Leann vs. Jack | Download Approx. Run Time 24 min.. Product #: str_sk-371-02 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Leann vs. Jack | Download

Mixed Wrestling
str_sk-371-02 Approx. Run Time 24 min
Leann, a beautiful athletic brunette in a pink and gray lace bikini. Jack thinks its all fun and games till this spirited amateur female wrestler kicks him in the nads! Ouch! He gets the upper hand till Leann gets him in the turnbuckle for some punishment. Jack is not so easily fooled by the amateur and gets her in a painful arm bar. Leann’s weapon of choice is her kicks with her long beautiful legs. This mixed wrestling match rallies on back and forth with head scissors, body scissors, grapevines, face sits, full nelsons, standing head scissors and more.
You’ll love seeing Leann’s perfect body wrap around her male opponent as she struggles her way to be superior. Yet he holds her down again and again and she desperately seeks for a way out. Determined she continues on and delivers a huge hit to Jacks crotch once again! Big mistake, he rallies back with devastating slams to Leann’s beautiful abbs, lifts her over his shoulders, slams her down and cross ties her beautiful legs! But she is not willing to give, no yet, she has one more weapon, her lethal figure four head lock, and struggle as he might, Jack cannot escape and his day is done! She places her foot on his chest and stands over him in proud victory!


Wrestlers : Carissa, Leann
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Leann vs. Jack | Download
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