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Carissa Carissa vs. Chad | Download Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: str_sk-371-01 Regular price: $18.95 $18.95

Carissa vs. Chad | Download

Mixed Wrestling Topless
str_sk-371-01 Approx. Run Time 30 min
This mixed wrestling match features a voluptuous green eyed blonde, who is a real wild cat in the ring! Her sexy bikini brings out her eyes, as she sets her sights on her male opponent. Don’t let her sexy feminine wiles fool you, Carissa is devious and will do anything to over power her male opponent. With crushing leg scissors by her sexy thighs, and smothering succulent breasts, she has him soon him gasping! She holds him down with face sits, but that’s not all, she goes for his crotch, honing in on assaulting his assets.
She further humiliates him with a spanking and with verbal tauntings as he struggles to break free from her sexy spell. Unleashing her full beautiful breasts, she eggs him on. Stomping and pouncing his prone body she holds nothing back. She delivers stinging spanks and painful stretches. She uses her feet to choke the smitten male too, claws his belly and gives him some painful titty twisters to further hurt and humiliate him. With more crotch grabbing and some wedgies she further plays with her boy toy till he is crushed by a standing leg scissor that is tightly and deliberately wrapped around his prone neck and he is out cold on the ring floor!


Wrestlers : Carissa, Leann
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Carissa vs. Chad | Download
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