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Afrika DVD: Tigers in the Pit Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: sk-310 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Tigers in the Pit

Raquel D vs. Afrika * Ariel vs. Jade
Women’s Wrestling – Competitive
sk-310 Approx. Run Time 50 min
First, Raquel D. a stunning Nubian queen enters the ring to take on the beautiful powerhouse, Afrika for a competitive women`s wrestling match!
Afrika outweighs Raquel D. by 75lbs, but that doesn’t stop the fighting fit Raquel D. This girl is strong and gives it 110%. This aggressive grappling match is tight and powerful. Afrika uses her incredible thighs to trap Raquel D. who then escapes and utilizes her Jujitsu to subdue the beautiful big woman. Afrika then slams Raquel D. in the corner and picks her up in an amazing arm bar slam crushing Raquel D. to the mat. Fists fly and soon Raquel D. has Afrika up in the air in a fireman’s carry and slams her to the mat. Powerful head scissors are exchanged and soon Raquel D. has Afrika in a rear naked choke. Afrika is now really mad and imposes her will. She gets Raquel D. in a tight cradle hold, but she escapes. No easy feat. Afrika gets the pin and takes the count. Raquel D. feels that Afrika cheated and demands a rematch! If you love sexy, strong and beautiful women, this match is a must!

Then the ever sexy and talented Ariel in a pink tiger stripped bikini takes on the beautiful tough Asian girl Jade in a competitive wrestling match. Jade quickly bear hugs Ariel who is 30lbs lighter than Jade, and slams her hard to the floor. Ariel is no stranger to pain and her determination has her on the prowl. Jade is strong and nimble. Both women dish out the pain in this tight and very competitive match with squeezing head scissors, slamming arm bars, and stomach punches. Ariel’s strong sexy legs clamp on to Jade, leaving her gasping for air. Jade has the most powerful kicks in the business and assaults Ariel with Angel’s wings, back breakers, lifts, body slams and more punishment as this hot competitive match rages on. A big and powerful arm bar slam slows down one competitor enabling the victor to get her into an Iron Cross and force a submission. The winner humiliates the loser and poses in victory! . This is a devastating and furious fight between two very tough competitors.


Wrestlers : Afrika, Ariel, Jade, Raquel D.
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DVD: Tigers in the Pit
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