Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Belle DVD: Ring Principles Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: sk-203 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Ring Principles

Belle vs. Looney Lane and Molly vs. Fire
Two Professional Women`s Wrestling Matches
sk-203 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Just as the ancient Romans threw fresh slaves to the lions for sport, two new wrestlers come to SK to test the skill of our veterans in professional women`s wrestling. Powerful blonde Fire meets veteran Molly McShane in a 2 of 3 fall bout as Fire orders the referee to watch her dog! Fire & Molly lock-up in ring center in a fall that Molly dominates. She kicks Fire in the butt, flips her 4 times to the mat, and they then reverse hammerlocks until Molly parades the big girl around the ring, kneeing her in the butt. Mean Molly drapes Fire over the top rope and uses forearm smashes to weaken her before throwing her to the mat. Molly stomps the howling Fire, hip tosses her, ties her in a brutal figure 4 leg-lock, and makes her submit to a vicious surfboard hold.

The bell rings for fall 2 and Fire grabs Molly in a rear bear hug, flies off the ropes twice with a flying arm drag, and Molly is shrieking in pain! Hurling Molly in a corner, Fire works her over, gets a dumb-bell from outside the ring, and massacres the redhead at will. A few body slams later, Fire simply covers the damaged Molly and the match is even. A ferocious Molly is again attacked by Fire’s stomps and sharp knees as the last fall begins. Fire misses a body smash and Molly gleefully pulls off Fire’s eyelashes after again bruising her in corner ring. The bout ends as one girl is led around the ring by a dog leash and then whipped by a cruel Boston Crab.

Next our new professional women`s wrestling Champion, Belle, meets Looney Lane in a one-fall submission match. A haughty and cocky Belle enters with a fanny pack, taking time to primp and refresh her makeup as Looney enters in her schoolgirl outfit--which she soon removes, leaving her in a bra and brief shorts outfit. Belle yanks Looney’s yardstick and tosses it out of the ring. Our gorgeous blonde smashes Looney in the face, and the rookie holds her jaw as blood pours from her mouth! Belle knees Looney in the groin, and then chokes Looney with a chain that was in her fanny pack. Looney flips Belle over her shoulder and stomps her head.

Belle’s forehead is now dripping blood as Looney throws the chain away. The schoolgirl stomps and kicks the stricken Belle, chokes her, and keester bumps her twice. A step over toehold has Belle slamming the mat and screeching in pain. Belle kicks her off but Looney continues her domination of the blonde with another series of malicious holds. An angry Belle retaliates with her own version of torture, slingshots Looney, and throws her in a corner. Looney’s back is raked by Belle’s evil nails and then one girl is clotheslined 4 times and made to submit with a tight angel wing hold. The loser’s mouth is duct-taped shut and her wrists are taped to the ropes as the smiling winner exits the ring. 50 min


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DVD: Ring Principles
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