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Christine "Tenea" DVD: Feline Fever Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: SK-30 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Feline Fever

Christine Vs. Quisha * Sasha Vs. Christine
2 Female Wrestling Catfights: Topless
SK-30 Approx. Run Time 50 min
A great topless female wrestling catfight double feature from Steel Kittens! Quisha is at it again, sticking her breasts and ass where they don`t belong—this time in the arms of Christine`s boyfriend. This age old conflict brings tempers to a fever pitch, and Christine is no exception. Starting in silk robes, which quickly come off, Christine really puts the hurt on Quisha with some brutal punching and choking. Using her weight advantage, Christine presses her full body weight on Quisha and savagely bites Quisha`s exposed breasts!

To see Christine, in her red bra and panties, dominate Quisha in her pink teddy is truly a sight to behold. This doesn`t last longm however, as Quisha retaliates with unbelievable crotch punching and some animalistic breast biting of her own! The realism and intensity of this match is second to none! Quisha throws Christine on the couch and jumps on her naked breasts with both knees... HARD! Christine traps Quisha in backbreaking holds and then stands on her throat. At the end of this battle, both warriors are topless and exhausted for real. Find out who gets her man.

In the next female wrestling catfight, we find Christine verbally assaulting Sasha about her wrestling ability (or lack thereof). Never one to back away from a challenge, Sasha wants Christine to back up her words with some actions. Steel Kittens wrestling fans are then treated to an incredible fight. It`s Sasha`s hard athletic body vs. Christine`s soft, sensuous curves. Initially, Sasha is far more powerful than Christine realizes and catches her off guard. In a competitive fight, Sasha takes the upper hand with tight head locks, and painful scissors. We see the true agony on Christine`s face as she fights to free herself.

Knowing she can`t match Sasha muscle for muscle, Christine relies on some dirty fighting, and the match begins to take a more erotic tone. Both tops come off as Christine bites, chokes, and uses her full body weight to crush Denise. Denise then shows her nasty side as she plants a foot right on Christine`s crotch and kicks hard. At the end of this intense fight, one beauty is tied up with her own bikini and then choked into unconsciousness with the most incredible smother/grapevine you`ll ever see.


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DVD: Feline Fever
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DVD Product: $19.95