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Cleopatra Tanya Danielle vs. Cleopatra | Download Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: str_SK-211-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Tanya Danielle vs. Cleopatra | Download

Female Wrestling Catfights: Nude
str_SK-211-01 Approx. Run Time 30 min
Blonde goddess Tanya meets exotic brunette Cleopatra for a female wrestling catfight in their apartment, where both girls are attired in mesh tops and full bottoms. Tanya smashes Cleo from behind right off, and Cleo is floored by the blow. The bigger blonde grabs Cleo’s long black hair, pulls her up, and rips off the top of her bodysuit as Cleo yelps and pulls down Tanya’s mesh top--and suddenly the two are in a war zone. Both pinch tender nipples and screams are heard as Tanya mounts Cleo and breast smothers her, sits on her face, and pushes her Cleo’s face deep between her legs. Cleo escapes, turns over the sultry Tanya, and chokes the howling blonde. Then it is a battle to see which girl can completely defrock the other; both finally rid their rival of her mesh bottoms, exposing two sultry and now naked catfighters. Cleo straddles Tanya and seem to be trying to rip her nipples off, as both felines are now in glorious war mode.

Body to body they grapple and Tanya gains control as she tries to suffocate Cleo with her ample breasts. Cleo again grabs Tanya’s orbs and twists them violently. Tanya is badly hurt, but pounces on Cleo with body smashes and a brutal surfboard hold and follows with another breast smother. The two vixens are now tiring and badly bruised, and their pitiful cries grow weaker and weaker. Tanya grabs a pillow and the two exchange evil smothering until one set of breasts are fiercely bitten to stop the slaughter. One sexy battler grabs her opponent’s hair, uses a chin-lock to weaken her rival, and then sits on her back. A pillow is used to cut off her air, and soon one girl lies out cold on her back, her arms and legs sprawled listlessly on the carpet. A female wrestling catfight that will excite you all the way through!


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Tanya Danielle vs. Cleopatra | Download
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