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Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa Female Wrestling | Crazed Kittens | DVD Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: SK-62 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Female Wrestling | Crazed Kittens | DVD

Cheryl Vs. Christy T. * Christina Vs. Leigh
Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches
SK-62 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Two fierce pro-am female wrestling ring bouts show the wildest of the Steel Kittens wrestlers in this superb new video! Match 1 pits Cheryl, recently featured in Playboy Magazine, against the chesty, blonde Christy in a winner take all match. Cheryl, schooled in the LPWA, starts the match with a devastating headlock and soon follows with a smashing full nelson. Christy, attired in a bright yellow bikini, soon finds herself being monkey flipped across the mat and suddenly feels Cheryl’s wrath as Cheryl pulls violently on the blonde’s long tresses. Christy comes back from the brink and tosses Cheryl to the ring floor, leg drops her, and punches savagely at the petite brunette’s tender abdomen.

The pro-am female wrestling match rages on with Cheryl again bringing screams of horror from Christy, as Cheryl uses her masterful wrestling knowledge in an attempt to annihilate her rival. Christy then retaliates by placing the whimpering Cheryl in a strong arm stretch, pulls her up by her dark hair, and unceremoniously flips her to the opposite end of the ring. The battle rages on until one savage kitten slams her opponent to the floor with a head slam and ends the battle with a knee to the unprotected throat. What a match!!!

The second pro-am female wrestling bout pits Christina, a svelte blonde with perfect proportions, against Leigh, a beautiful dark haired tigress. The blonde begins the match by wrapping Leigh’s arms in the ropes and raining a series of feral kicks on the brunette’s body. Leigh, infuriated by Christina’s foul tactics, throws Christina to the mat and elbows her before applying a lethal standing leg lock which has Christina howling for mercy. Leniency has no business in this crazed match as Christina uses her bikini top to strangle the gorgeous brunette.

Escaping the throttling, Leigh punishes Christina with a tight body scissors which has Christina’s sumptuous body writhing in pain from every angle, as her perfect breasts heave with exertion. Then Christina escapes and becomes a whirlwind of semi-nude fury, attacking Leigh with killer kicks and savage stomps. The brunette slumps in the corner in near defeat. The battle commences again until one feral kitten ends the match by almost blasting her opponent into oblivion, stomping the whipped loser time and again as true she-cats of the ring will always do. No purring in this match!


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Female Wrestling | Crazed Kittens | DVD
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