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Frankie DVD: Burning Desire Approx. Run Time 55 min.. Product #: sk-276 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Burning Desire

Frankie vs. Onyx
Professional Women`s Wrestling
sk-276 Approx. Run Time 55 min
Professional Women’s Wrestling: A Hollywood producer is looking for a new face to play a female action hero, worth millions to the lucky actress. Up for the part are Frankie, a confidant, snooty rich, upper class diva, and Onyx a sexy and tough ex-biker chick who has made her way into movies catching bit parts. Unexpectedly they meet in the ring, both with a burning desire for the part, they clash, and Frankie lays down the gauntlet. There will only be one woman up for the million-dollar role!

Onyx attacks Frankie from behind, with a cheap groin shot. They fight, but Frankie’s beautiful and powerful legs soon lock Onyx in a punishing scissor hold. She breaks free and they engage in a wrist-crunching test of strengths. Frankie gets the upper hand, calls Onyx a “Sewer Rat” and drives Onyx with pounding elbow smashes. Onyx is now in pain, but determined to get this roll, punishes Frankie in the turnbuckle. Great punches, kicks, and grappling till a bulldog has Frankie dazed and stunned.

Onyx now has Frankie trapped in the corner and wants to mess up her beautiful face, but Frankie is on to Onyx’s tricks and reverses. Frankie now has Onyx trapped in the corner and claws and punches her face leaving Onyx bloody and bruised. Onyx is screaming mad and desperately tries to gain control.

Frankie is now out to injure Onyx’s legs. She pounds Onyx all over the ring demolishing the ex-bikers left knee. Onyx is then caught in a figure four which has her howling in pain.

Frankie further punishes Onyx, and drives her knee into her face, then with a sweeping kick to the temple, Onyx is out, bruised on the mat. Frankie, winded, but satisfied, pretties herself up, as the director will soon arrive. As she puts her heels on, Onyx awakens, but Frankie will have none of that, this role is hers! She delivers two kicks to Onyx’s bloody face, busting her nose! Onyx comes two only to be more humiliated. Locked in a head scissors by Frankie’s gorgeous legs, Frankie makes Onyx say, “I quit.” Onyx has no choice. Completely bruised, beaten and finished, she lies on the ring floor as Frankie in a victory pose says “Never play with this flame, or your gonna get burnt!” Great non-stop professional women’s wrestling and good old fashioned street fighting action!


Wrestlers : Frankie, Onyx
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DVD: Burning Desire
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