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Frankie Special Interest | Bottoms Up | DVD Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: sk-275 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Special Interest | Bottoms Up | DVD

Frankie vs. Onyx
Special Interest: Strength, Beauty, Domination, Punching, Kicking, KO’s, Lifting, Bondage
sk-275 Approx. Run Time 50 min
The incredible beautiful Frankie in a skimpy black bikini, is caught posing in the ring by Onyx, a sexy brunette in a yellow micro bikini. A pose of ensues till Onyx challenges Frankie. “I’ll knock you out cold!”, but Frankie thinks Onyx is too small to be tough, and reminds Onyx that after she knocks her out cold she is going to tie her wrists and ankles, with her bottom up! Let the strikes begin! With one good punch to Frankie’s head and she is out cold. Onyx then ties her up and displays her beautiful body. Onyx thinks she has her licked and starts to pose, but Frankie comes to and lets Onyx have it with a sweeping kick to the head, down goes Onyx. Frankie picks her up over her shoulder and displays her beautiful ass, then lays her down and ties her up. Onyx comes to and they battle it out with great wresting, punching and kicking action. Back and forth they go down, and have their beautiful body’s and butts displayed till a mighty head butt takes them both out on the mat, but they get up to finish off this challenge with a toe to toe punch out. Hard face punches are exchanged till one challenger is out cold for the night, and tied up on the mat. The victor exhausted by her efforts soon passes out. Both girls out cold, tied and bottoms up on the mat. Shot with great close ups and super action.


Wrestlers : Frankie, Onyx
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Special Interest | Bottoms Up | DVD
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