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Annica DVD: Blonde Justice Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: sk-168 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Blonde Justice

Jessica Vs Devon & Annica Vs Dina
Amateur Female Wrestling Matches
sk-168 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Two absolutely gorgeous Swedish sisters visited SK’s ring, and each of these young blondes battled dark haired American girls in this intense amateur female wrestling tape. With no knowledge of wrestling holds but a huge desire to compete, the sisters will excite you with their non-stop improvised style of female fighting. Jessica and dark haired Devon fight it out in the first battle as Devon savagely drapes Jessica’s arm over the top rope and tortures this beautiful young woman, who fights back with only her aggressiveness on her side. The Swedish blonde looks like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in her gold mini bikini and Devon stomps her foe again and again, catching Jessica in a body scissors, a figure 4 headlock, and a suffocating choke hold. When Jessica briefly has the advantage of Devon with a surfboard type hold, Devon raises her up, smashes her head into the turnbuckle, and drops this beautiful Swede face down on the mat. One blonde out and one to go!

Jessica’s sister Annica, a larger and more powerful young woman, tries to keep the family in the fight by taking on dark haired Dina, who bulges out of her skimpy pink bikini. Annica pounces on Dina, stomach punches her, and stomps her time and time again. Dina manages to escape, grabs Annica by her hair, and tosses the feisty blonde out of the ring, then returns her to middle ring using the same type of hair toss. Annica now turns into a warrior, ravages Dina’s ample bosom, catches the sensational ebony haired beauty in a stomach scissors, and chokes the air from Dina’s lungs as she lies spread out on the mat. The two young Swedes will give you non-stop action as they try to make their mark against girls with more experience in the ring. If you like really intense amateur female wrestling, then these Swedish girls will show you how it’s done.


Wrestlers : Annica, Devon, Dina, Jessica
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DVD: Blonde Justice
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