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Yamazaki Itsuki | Woman Wrestler

Itsuki Yamazaki

5'5''- 125 lbs.
Born in 1966 in Hyogo, Japan, Yamazaki Itsuki is known for the American public for being a member of the Jumping Bomb Angels, the tag team which won notoriety this side of the Pacific by successfully challenging and often dominating the team of Leilani Kai and Judy Martin for the World Wrestling Federation’s Women’s Tag Team Championship.
Itsuki had made a name for herself as one of Japan’s best professional lady wrestlers well before her WWF tenure. Trained at the AJW dojo by some of the biggest names in Japanese wrestling, standing 5’5” tall and weighing it at 137 lbs, Yamazaki Itsuki was physically well suited and skills-wise well prepared for the high-octane action which made joshi puroresu superior to just about every other professional wrestling style.
She now lives in New York and owns a sushi restaurant. She made her return by making a special appearance for Ladies' Legend Pro-Wrestling in 2008 and Oz Academy in 2012.

Finishing Moves
Sunset flip
Signature Moves
Arm drag
Figure-four leglock
Fallaway slam
Body slam
Sitout piledriver
Surfboard submission
Running front dropkick sometimes from the top rope
Diving crossbody

Championships and accomplishiments

All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling
WWWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Noriyo Tateno
AJW Championship (1 time)

World Wrestling Federation
WWF Women's Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Noriyo Tateno