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Judy Martin Vintage Women's Professional Wrestling VA-70-10-03 | Streaming / Download 1. Malia Hosaka Vs Linda Dallas2. Madusa Miceli Vs Linda Dallas3. Magnificent Mimi Vs Judy Martin   .. Product #: str_VA70-10-03 Regular price: $14.95 $14.95

Vintage Women's Professional Wrestling VA-70-10-03 | Streaming / Download

Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling from the late 80’s and early 90’s
3 Pro Girl Matches!
str_VA70-10-03 Approx. Run Time 24 min
1. Malia Hosaka Vs Linda Dallas
2. Madusa Miceli Vs Linda Dallas
3. Magnificent Mimi Vs Judy Martin 
The 80s and early 90s are a great era in vintage professional women’s wrestling! On this tape, you’ll see all the best in beauty and glamour, as well as seeing both the athletic and entertaining aspects of the sport evolving into the best qualities of wrestling today.
Some of the great women who established careers in the 70s were at the top of their game in the 80s. Some of Mildred Burke’s protégés like Sue Sexton and LeLani Kai were still forces to be reckoned with, but there were also other exciting influences in wrestling. Reggie Bennett had been to Japan and US pros were really starting to realize the potential of aerial maneuvers in the ring. Judy Martin and Wendi Richter were bringing glamour to the arena, and newcomers like Black Venus and The Bad Girl were spicing things up, as well. A great snapshot of a thrilling period in women’s wrestling!
Digitized from old footage. Matches vary in quality.


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Vintage Women's Professional Wrestling VA-70-10-03 | Streaming / Download
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