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The Southern Belles

The Southern Belles
Gorgeous Ladies Wrestling, Circa 1980's

Probably the most pathetic of the GLOW wrestling Good Girls, the Southern Belles consisted of Tara and Scarlett. Tara wore a pink bodysuit while her partner wore pale blue. Tara was a very poor wrestler and was obviously chosen for her good looks, Scarlett was a decent wrestler, but not quite as attractive as Tara. But it was obvious that this team were there for the appearance, NOT for their athletic abitlity. Tara went on to wrestle by herself and with other partners after Scarlett left GLOW. Her leg was supposedly broken in a match against the Headhunters so she went on with a stint as a commentator with the cartoon "Max Headroom-like" character host in the later days of GLOW.
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Gorgeous Ladies Wrestling, Circa 1980'S TGL-030 | Download
3 Pro Girl Matches
Approx. Run Time 26 min

Gorgeous Ladies Wrestling, Circa 1980's TGL-020 | Download
Pro Style, 2 Tag Team Matches
Approx. Run Time 32 min