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Chantel Talia vs. Chantel | Download Approx. Run Time 27 min.. Product #: str_sk-219-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Talia vs. Chantel | Download

Sexy Nude Catfight
str_sk-219-01 Approx. Run Time 27 min
This female wrestling catfight begins with blonde Chantel, a native of France, lounging on the soft chair while arranging to meet a hot male. Her cleaning maid Talia interrupts her to tell Chantel that she is quitting. Chantel tells Talia that she was a lousy worker and is glad she is leaving. Chantel tells Talia to give her back the red teddy she wears, but Talia insists it’s hers. Chantel grabs at the garment, and a fight begins. Suddenly both skimpy dresses are ripped off and Chantel pulls Talia’s panties off and savagely squeezes Talia’s pert breast. They are body to body now and they roll together on the carpet until Chantel is on her back. Talia mounts Chantel, chokes her, and almost twists her huge nipples off. As Talia puts Chantel’s head in a tight chin-lock, the two roll over once again and Chantel spread eagles the former maid and presses her giant breasts on Talia.

Over and over they roll, locked in mortal combat with each woman gaining an advantage when she is on top. The more youthful and stronger Talia now begins to dominate the catfight and rids Chantel of her pretty white panties, leaving both women in glorious nudity. In desperation, Chantel now begins to bite Talia. Talia howls at the pain, but still has the upper hand in this catfight. All of the action occurs on the carpet, until finally one female lies flat on her back, her arms reaching straight out from her body as she is thoroughly trashed and thrashed. The victress leaves the room as her opponent has more than had enough in this violent and sexy female wrestling catfight.


Wrestlers : Chantel, Talia
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Talia vs. Chantel | Download
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