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Carolyn Talia vs. Carolyn | Highlight Download Approx. Run Time 5 min.. Product #: hii_sk-218-01 Regular price: $6.95 $6.95

Talia vs. Carolyn | Highlight Download

Catfight | Nude
hii_sk-218-01 Approx. Run Time 5 min
This Catfight starts with cover girl Carolyn sits at the table as roommate Talia arrives home tipsy and reeking of alcohol. Carolyn tells her that she has embarrassed her at the party and that her actions made Talia look like a tramp. Carolyn throws a glass at Talia’s head but misses as it shatters on the wall. Both rise and start tugging at each other, Talia slurring her words and Carolyn acting very angry. Rolling on the floor, Carolyn rids Talia of her skirt as she pulls Talia’s hair and mounts Talia’s body. Talia then shreds Carolyn’s dress and soon both are bare assed and exposed to some cruel mauling. Carolyn’s breasts are full of splendor, but also make an inviting target for Talia’s savagery. Don’t mess with a mean drunken woman is the morale of this nude catfight story.


Wrestlers : Carolyn, Talia
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Talia vs. Carolyn | Highlight Download
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