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Membership Terms and Conditions


1.Under no circumstances will you share your User ID and Password with anyone. Usage of your User ID and Password will be monitored closely. Your membership will be terminated without warning or refund should we discover that User ID/Password sharing is occurring. Legal action will also take place in these situations.

2.All material in the members only section is Copyrighted. Downloaded images and Movies may not be altered in any way, nor may tags or watermarks be removed from them. Use on any other site is strictly prohibited unless authorized by Steel Kittens Inc.©. Violation will cause charges and legal action.

3. 30, 90 and 365 day membership subscriptions are reoccurring.

4.By using the User ID and Password, you certify that you are of legal age to view adult material and that you will be held responsible for allowing your User ID and Password to fall into the hands of minors.

5.By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Steel Kittens©Inc., it's personnel and employees, should any liability arise out of your usage of said User ID and Password.

6.You will be reminded to renew when you login within 5 days of your membership expiring or after it has expired.

7.All Sales are final. No Refunds. 

About the Quality

Steel Kittens Videos and DVD-R's are superior in technical quality. Brilliant color and quality sound, guaranteed. The MPEGS  downloadable files on the site vary in quality, and do not represent the quality of the DVD's and Videos that we sell.

We continually strive to upgrade our site as technology changes daily. The MPEGS  downloadable files on the site are a 4th generation, and do not represent the quality of the Videos and DVD-R's that we sell. Some of our Vintage tapes are of lesser quality as they were taken from 8mm film. Steel Kittens Photo sets are not downloadable.


Steel Kittens Inc.© reserves the right to terminate your membership for any of the following reasons:

- Sharing your password and user information

- Violation of our copyright by sharing files, images, or Movies that are protected under our copyright.

- Failure to make payments.


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