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Rhonda Singh : Woman Wrestler

Monster Ripper aka Rhonda Singh

A classic Woman Wrestler, from Canada and trained by Mildered Burke and debuted in the late 1979. Her alisa's (Beef, Bertha Faye, La Monster, Monster Ripper, La Monstra, Rhonda Singh). Managed by Harvey Wippleman, the stables she worked with were many. Nitro Girls with AC Jazz, Baby, Chae, Chameleon, Chiquita, Fyre, Gold, Kimberly, Naught-A, Silver, Skye, Spice, Starr, Storm, Syren, Tayo, Tygress and Whisper (as Beef).

Her trademark moves: Avalanche, Bodyslam, Butt Drop, Gorilla Press and Powerbomb. Finishing moves: Big Splash and Sitdown Powerbomb (Big Bertha Bomb).

After training with Mildred Burke, she wrestled in Japan under the name Monster Ripper. In 1987, she returned to Canada and began working with Stampede Wrestling, where she was their first Stampede Women's Champion. In 1995, she worked in the World Wrestling Federation as the comedic character Bertha Faye, winning the WWF Women's Championship. She also wrestled in World Championship Wrestling to help generate interest in their women's division.

In 1995, Sing was contacted by the World Wrestling Federation to help their fledgling women's division. She, however, was repackaged as Bertha Faye, a comedic character who lived in a trailer park and dated Harvey Wippleman. WWF management originally wanted her to have an on-screen feud with Bull Nakano, but there was a change of plans after Nakano was charged with cocaine possession. Sing made her WWF debut on the April 3, 1995 episode of Monday Night Raw participating in a sneak attack on Alundra Blayze, making it appear as if Blayze's nose had been broken. At SummerSlam, Faye defeated Blayze for the WWF Women's Championship and held the title until the October 23, 1995 airing of Monday Night Raw, where Blayze regained the title.

Fan interest in women's wrestling sunk once again as the year closed, and Sing tired of working there. Moreover, Faye was frustrated with her gimmick. WWF management asked her not to perform the same power moves as the male wrestlers, so instead, Faye was forced to act as comic relief. After a year with the company, Sing asked for a release from her contract. She briefly returned to Japan, but did not like the new system, which did not guarantee payouts.

In late 1999 and early 2000, she worked with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) briefly and appeared on several telecasts to help generate interest in a women's division. She was also a contender for both the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and WCW Hardcore Championship. In addition to competing in matches using her Singh and Monster Ripper gimmicks, she also made a couple appearances with the Nitro Girls dance troupe as "Nitro Girl Beef" as comedic relief.

Finishing and signature moves
Big Bertha Bomb (Sitout powerbomb)

Signature moves
Body Avalanche
Gorilla press slam
Scoop slam
Seated senton

Harvey Wippleman

Entrance themes
"Sweet Lovin' Arms" (WWF)

"Queen of the Trailer Park" (WWF)

Title History
WWWA (Japan) World Singles title defeating Jackie Sato (July 31, 1979);
WWWA (Japan) World Singles title defeating Jackie Sato (March 15, 1980);
Stampede World Women’s title defeating Wendi Richter (????, 1987);
WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Women’s title defeating Wendi Richter (????, 1987);
WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Women’s title defeating Candi Divine [Tournament] (July 7, 1990);
WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Women’s title defeating Sasha (November 10, 1990);
WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Women’s title defeating Sasha (March 9, 1991);
WWC (World Wrestling Council) World Women’s title defeating Candi Divine (September 7, 1991);
WWA (Mexico) World Women’s title defeating Lola Gonzales (December ??, 1991);
WWF Women’s World title (as Bertha Faye) defeating Alundra Blaze (August 27, 1995);

Career Highlights
Rhonda Singh (as a teenager) contacted The Hart Brothers about training but they rejected her..
Rhonda Singh stumbled upon a Japanese Womans Television program while in Hawaii and was hooked..
Rhonda Singh got her hands on a Wrestling Magazine, where she found contact info for Mildred Burke..
Rhonda Singh trained with Mildred Burke at her training facility in Encino, California..
Rhonda Singh trained for several weeks before getting recruited by All Japan Pro Wrestling..
Japan – Monster Ripper:

Rhonda Singh was given the name “Monster Ripper” which she used until 1995 when she joined the WWF..
January 4, 1979: Mami Komeni & Monster Ripper (debut match in Japan) defeated The Beauty Pair (Jackie Sato & Maki Ueda)..
July 31, 1979: Monster Ripper defeated Jackie Sato to win the WWWA World Womans title..
August 1979: Jackie Sato defeated Monster Ripper to recapture the WWWA World Woman’s title..
March 15, 1980: Monster Ripper defeated Jackie Soto by Count Out to recapture the WWA World Women’s title..
August 1980: Monster Ripper was forced to vacate the Title after another bout with Jackie Sato..
Stampede Wrestling and Mexico:

Monster Ripper returned to Calgary to work for Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling for several weeks..
Monster Ripper then travelled to Mexico and Japan for several tours..
1987: Monster Ripper returned once again to Stampede to work for a regular basis..
1987: Monster Ripper defeated Wendi Richter to win the Stampede Women’s title..
September 22, 1988: Chigusa Nagayo defeated Monster Ripper to win the Stampede Women’s title..
World Wrestling Federation – Bertha Faye:

1995: Rhonda Singh joined the World Wrestling Federation using the name “Bertha Faye”..
August 27, 1995: Bertha Faye defeated Alundra Blaze (Madusa) to win the WWF Women’s title..
Bertha Faye was put in a storyline with Harvey Wippleman living in a trailor park having a love affair..
During her stint with the WWF, Singh also developed a great friendship with the late Owen Hart..
After a year working as Bertha Faye, Rhonda Singh was released from her WWF contract..

Rhonda Singh returned to compete in Japan with limited success..
World Championship Wrestling – Rhonda Singh:

1999: Rhonda Singh debuted with World Championship Wrestling using her real name, Rhonda Singh (modified last name)..
Rhonda Singh’s stint with WCW was mostly for comedy segments involving “the power that be”, Vince Russo..
February 14, 2000 – Nitro: Rhonda Singh defeated Miss Mona (aka Molly Holly)..
May 10, 2000 – Nitro: Rhonda Singh defeated Elizabeth by Disqualification..

July 2000: Rhonda Singh sadly passed away at the age of 40..