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Princezz Mixed Wrestling | Princezz vs. Drehyden | Download - Streaming Approx. Run Time 33 min.. Product #: str_sk-373-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Mixed Wrestling | Princezz vs. Drehyden | Download - Streaming

Topless Mixed Wrestling
str_sk-373-01 Approx. Run Time 33 min
Make no mistake, this honey blonde loves a good mixed wrestling match and is not intimidated by the looks of Drehyden! She loves to overpower men and sharply takes control! Her assaults start with face sitting, nut grabbing, leg stomping, head scissoring action. She wraps herself around him like a tight sweater. She sucker punches him to the face and kicks him into the corner, stands on his chest then pulls him around by his beard. He gets her in a standing back breaker and pays her back for pain she inflicted, big mistake, now this topless wild blonde is totally enraged, and she kicks him all over the ring, slams him to the floor and beats him down, but he soon catches her in a wicked and humiliating triangle hold, now the tables have turned! Drehyden is on the attack with his sights on the pretty little blonde, but this just further enrages her!

She slams the air out of his chest and she takes full advantage of him. Titty twisters, belly smashes and more beard pulling. He is clearly out of gas as now she tortures him with her feet to his crotch, kicks, kidney punches and vicious head butts to the crotch. He recovers, flips her and ties her up in an over neck leg bar, yet she uses her beautiful legs and gives him a double leg shot right to the face and he is down. She then holds him down with her pretty feet and gives him some toe titty twisters! Then he catches her in a pretzel hold, but she uses her dirty tactics to escape! This sexy blonde will not be denied her dominance and the Princezz will have her way! With more crotch smashing she further humiliates and makes her male opponent submit. Face sitting and pretty feet to the face he is at her mercy and is forced to kiss and worship her succulent toes. She finishes his day with a wicked figure four head scissors and he is out cold on the mat. The Princezz is proud of her fully submitted and over powered male opponent.


Wrestlers : Princezz
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Mixed Wrestling | Princezz vs. Drehyden | Download - Streaming
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