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Mimi Hagiwara

Mimi Hagiwara
Wrestler Stats:
A wrestler, a singer, a dancer, a model and an actress, Mimi Hagiwara was one of the first Japanese women's wrestling superstars.
Early Years
Mimi began training under then WWWA World champion Jackie Sato in 1977, at age 19. Mimi made her debut against Jaguar Yokota February 6, 1978.
In 1980 Hagiwara and fellow All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling star Jumbo Hori ventured to Hollywood, to appear in a wrestling movie by Robert Aldrich, All The Marbles with Columbo star Peter Falk.
All Pacific Champion
Mimi quickly rose to prominence as a "giant killer". Judy Martin, Masked Yu, Monster Ripper all fell to the increasingly popular Hagiwara. Then came Hagiwara's first title reign when she upset Yumi Ikeshita for the All Pacific title on the January 25, 1981. After a 6-month undefeated run, she vacated the title to go for the world tag team title with her partner Yukari Ohmori.
World Tag Team Champion
A little over a month later, Hagiwara and Ohmori defeated Jumbo Hori and Nancy Kumi for the WWWA World Tag Team title, in an epic encounter Obuyama. The pair had a 274-day run as world champions eventually losing them to Devil Masami and Taranchela in Fukushima. The team amicably split, with Ohmori joining Hori to form "Dynamite Girls", and Hagiwara going solo for another run at the All Pacific title.
Champion Again
Mimi made a triumphant return to singles wrestling by defeating Judy Martin for the All Pacific title in a bruising 3 fall match. Hagiwara held the title for more than a year and vacated the title prior to retirement. One of the title defenses was a Hair vs Mask match with Taranchela with Mimi coming out victorious.
April 1, 1984, Hagiwara retired at aged 25 (as was mandatory for all AJW wrestlers) after a match and ceremony with her friend Wild Kazuki.
Mimi continued her singing and modelling career. Hagiwara would return for a one off match teaming with Yokota against Ohmori and Hori for World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana in 2012.
Finishing and signature moves: Flying kneedrop, Electric chair, Tombstone piledriver, Missile dropkick, Figure-four leglock.