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Manami Toyota | Japanese Women Wrestler

Manami Toyota

Birthdate - 3/2/71
5'6" 150 lbs. - Masuda, Japan

Teacher: Jaguar Yokota [AJW Dojo]

Manami Toyota is widely considered the greatest female pro-wrestler of all-time and could be considered one of the greatest workers of all-time by many. One of the notable disciples of Jaguar Yokota, she combined the same break-neck speed and ability to build matches dramatically with innovative maneuvers, unfathomable stamina and breathtaking sequences. Like many who worked through the tough Zenjo system, she emerged as a tremendous worker.

When joshi puroresu boomed for the third and final time in the early 1990s, Manami Toyota was one of the must-see stars. Her tense battles with Toshiyo Yamada, Aja Kong and Kyoko Inoue were highly touted and her work allowed her to climb the ladder in Zenjo. The company had moved toward a workrate-intensive approach and Toyota was the queen. After the boom of early 1990s, Manami Toyota remained on top. She remained with Zenjo for several more years and eventually left to work the various joshi puroresu groups.

Manami Toyota will always be remembered as one of the greatest workers and arguably the greatest women's wrestler of all-time.

- Queen Bee Bomb (Crossarm Nortern Lights Bomb)
- Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex (Shouldermount Azteca Suplex)
- Japanese Ocean Suplex (Azteca Suplex)
- Japanese Ocean Drop (Double Pumphandle Suplex)
- Moonsault Press

- German Suplex
- Missile Dropkick
- Springboard Somersault Plancha
- Front Dropkick
- Rolling Cradle