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Maki Ueda | Woman Wrestler

Maki Ueda

Beauty Pair is a very memorable name for us, former PURORESU boys. Jacky Sato and Maki Ueda formed a tag team in 1976, and they instantly got a tag championship. They released a record and sang a song on the ring. Their song went up in a hit parade !! Many little girls went crazy for their fights and songs, and some girls truly became wrestlers and created a new boom in the 80's.

Jacky Sato was a very talented girl. Her moves were speedy and sharp like a boy's. Maki Ueda was a pretty and womanly girl. They say Beauty Pair was not good friends with each other. But certainly they are the best tag team. And a heel tag team, Black Pair supported them.

In 1976, Jacky defeated Maki in a single match, and Maki retired.

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