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Jumbo Hori | Japanese Woman Wrestler

Jumbo Hori aka Ayumi Hori

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 5' 11" 176 lbs 

AKA:  Ayumi Hori  a.k.a.  Jumbo Hori

Singles Wrestler (1978 - 1985, 2005 - 2012)

Tag Team Wrestler

Beginning of in-ring career: 1978

Wrestling style: Powerhouse

Trainer: AJW Dojo

Nicknames: "Jumbo"

End of in-ring career: 2012

In-ring experience: 34 years

Ayumi Hori was a classic Japanese Woman Wrestler who trained with AJW, debut in 1978. She often paired with the "Dynamite Girls" with Yukari Omori as Jumbo Hori, and the "Young Pair" with Rimi Yokota.
Finishing moves: Powerbomb & Powerbomb Suplex (Jumbo Suplex).
Signature moves: Jumbo Suplex (Fallaway Powerbomb), Powerbomb

1984 WWWA Tag Team Champion (3x) (as Jumbo Hori; with Yukari Omori as Dynamite Girls)

1982 All Pacific Champion (as Jumbo Hori) 1981 WWWA Tag Team Champion (2x) (with Nancy Kumi)

1981 WWWA Tag Team Champion (with Rimi Yokota) TitlesTitle DurationAll Pacific Championship WWWA Tag Team Championship (3x)