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Jacki Sato | Japanese Woman Wrestler

Jackie Sato

Wrestler Stats:
Naoko Satō, better known as Jackie Sato was a professional wrestler from Yokohama, Japan. In the 1970s, while wrestling for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW), she formed the tag team, the Beauty Pair, with Maki Ueda. Following in the steps of Mach Fumiake, the Beauty Pair was part of an important shift in the culture of Japanese women's wrestling, attracting more female fans by becoming pop icons. In their mainstream success, Satō and Ueda paved the way for the even more popular team, the Crush Gals, of the 1980s.

Before there were the Crush Gals and the Jumping Bomb Angels (who for many were the first Japanese female wrestlers that many American saw), there was the Beauty Pair (Jackie Sato & Maki Ueda). They were massive stars that crossed over in the pop singing world, and they changed the way that women wrestlers were marketed and thought of in Japan.

The Beauty Pair would be two-time World Tag Team Champions and in a loser must retire match Sato would beat Ueda. She would also be a successful solo competitor who would win the WWWA Singles Title three times. After being forced to retire in 1981 due to the mandatory retirement age of 25 imposed by All Japan, she would return in 1986 in JWP to feud with Shinobu Kandori and would have a great match that devolved into a shoot.

Jackie, with out a doubt, was a very well skilled wrestler! Her moves are great. She is technical, a natural. Certianlly one of thebest Japanese women wrestlers ever! Too bad, her career was short.

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