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Helena Heavenly

Helena Heavenly
Wrestler Stats: 5'7" 155lbs.
Seen in Pro Style Women's Wrestling
Biography:  Helena Heavenly is a powerful presence in the square circle, quite intimidating indeed for many of her female opponents. The mistress of 1,000 wrestling holds, Hellena Heavenly is the representative of the old-school, technical wrestling style, well capable of high-flying but extremely solid down on the mat as well. As far as gimmicks and attires are concerned, she’s just as old-school in that respect too, although she appears to be open to all sorts of experiments.
Hellena Heavenly has been introduced as simply an opponent of this, that or the other lady wrestler back in the day, she is a top competitor, a true red-blooded fan and performer, whose presence in the ring is a fan favorite.
Helena is a damm good wrestler. Techinically sound and a real powerhouse! Her favorite moves and finishers:  What ever it takes that day!
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Ring Thunder Series 351 - Clip 3
Women’s Wrestling * Pro Style
Rita The Cheetah vs. Helena Heavenly

Ring Thunder Series 351 - Clip 4
Women’s Wrestling * Pro Style
Rita The Cheetah vs. Helena Heavenly