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Santana Santana vs. Pete | 387 | Download Approx. Run Time 52 min.. Product #: str_sk-387-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Santana vs. Pete | 387 | Download

Super Heroine, Long HairFantasy Domination, Mixed Wrestling
str_sk-387-01 Approx. Run Time 52 min
Wearing a hot red bikini, she has beautiful long hair and wants the world to envy her sexy locks! She is so proud of it and parades her hair for all to see, especially for her beloved reff. Little does she know, she has a fatal attraction that is out to destroy her beauty. With her hair covering her face, he sneaks in and seduces her by brushing her long beautiful hair. When he has her under his spell, he unleashes his jealousy and attacks every part of her body. Under his spell, she is helpless! He mauls her beautiful breasts and is out to bruise them with repeated punching. But that no enough to satisfy him, he gets more angry and slaps her hair covered face over and over again. Trapped in the ropes with her hands and arms behind her back, he chokes the beauty till she falls to the floor, totally helpless. He stands s her up in the turn buckle and passionately unleashes his sexual assaults to the long haired beauty. He can’t keep away from the temptation, knowing full well, the super powers of her beauty and long hair, and soon meets his demise as she unleashes her fury and verbally humiliates him then chokes him unconscious. With her fatal attraction now gone, she can no prepare herself for her beloved reff, brushing her long beautiful hair.


Wrestlers : Santana
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Santana vs. Pete | 387 | Download
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