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Amber Michaels DVD: X Factor Approx. Run Time 34 min.. Product #: sk-376 Regular price: $24.95 $24.95

DVD: X Factor

Amber Michaels vs. Madam X
Topless Female Domination Wrestling
sk-376 Approx. Run Time 34 min
Amber in a sexy pink bikini is ready for her female wrestling match. She thinks she will win this one until she see’s who is in the ring. Madam X. A hooded villainess who is sly, skilled and has no mercy! Amber finds out that her opponent was intercepted and brutalized by Madam X. Amber is trembling in fear as she is confronted by the Madam. With no regard Madam X takes full advantage of Ambers fear. She tortures this scantily clad woman from pillar to post. With painful wrestling holds like the anaconda, cobra clutches, elbow smashes, chops, chokes, Boston crabs, back breaking rope torture, leg breakers, claws. With wicked chokes entwined on the ropes, Amber is writhing in pain!

Back rakes, kicks to the face, thighs and crotch. Amber’s tender ample breasts are mauled and her sexy smooth thighs are repeatedly grabbed and clawed. Madam X puts Amber up on the top rope in the corner and has her way with pounding stomach slams, punches, kicks to the crotch and belly. Amber stricken with fear and clearly in pain is defenseless against the onslaught of Madam X. With more crotch kicks and breast torture, Madam X delivers a running bull dog and Amber is down, followed by the deadly sleeper hold. Madam X shows her true colors as she duct tapes the beaten topless beauty to the ropes hands sprawled out and feet bound, and humiliates her further with her special dose of nipple twisting and taunting. Amber is finished and Madam X is on to her next victim! We pity the next kitten that is in Madam X’s path!


Wrestlers : Amber Michaels, Madam X
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DVD: X Factor
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DVD Product: $24.95