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Princezz Wring Nipped | Cat Fight | DVD Topless Ring CatFight.. Product #: SK-413 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Wring Nipped | Cat Fight

Topless Ring CatFight
Tasha Vs. Princezz
SK-413  Approx: 35 mins
This Cat Fight features two sexy blondes, clad only in string bikini bottoms. The fight scene explodes as Princezz rallies in and attacks Tasha. Princezz loves to dominate and has Tasha fighting back with all her feminine fury. She grabs Princezz’s crotch, then follows it up with a bite! This sets the stage for what’s next...

Princezz returns the favor, biting her back. Tasha then is the brunt of slaps, scissors, surfboards, hair pulling and more. These two sexy blondes do all they can to destroy the others feminine assets. Breasts are pinched, bitten, nipples are pulled and slapped till tender breasts are reddened from the assault. Bellies are punched, pinched and scratched. Painful pins are applied and tender crotches are pinched and slapped. Nothing is safe! This wild catfight is a display of vicious feminine fury. The ending comes as one fem fatal is out cold on the mat, only to be fondled and teased by the decisive winner.
Wrestlers : Princezz, Tasha "Sky"
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Wring Nipped | Cat Fight
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