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Amy DVD: Wet & Wild Women Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: SK-44 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Wet & Wild Women

Candi vs. Amy * Shelly Vs. Quisha
Outdoor Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
SK-44 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Have we got a hot one for you!!! Newcomer Amy, a rock-fit beautiful blonde who’s simply a natural, is matched up with Candi in our first amateur female wrestling match. And just because her name is sweet doesn’t mean Candi is! Candi wants to keep her ranks and won’t give her opponent an inch. But Amy is game and gives the not so sweet Candi a run for her money. Hard falling flips, back breakers, punches, scissors, and choking abound, as well as some holds we’ve ultimately described as pretzels. One blonde beauty takes control and relentlessly dominates the other. She shows no mercy to her victim, pounding and bruising the fight out of her. Slowly weakening with no strength left, the defeated girl is forced to give in to her conquering foe.

Next, we bring you an exciting twist on amateur female wrestling. If you thought bill collectors were tough, you haven’t run into the likes of Shelly!! What starts off as a relaxing soak in the spa turns out to be more of a workout for Quisha than she bargained for. Shelly gets more than upset over a phone bill that Quisha failed to pay, and when things don’t get done when she wants them done...watch out! Shelly almost drowns Quisha in the spa, and then drags her onto the mat. Their naked breasts and steamy wet bodies slip and slide, breast to breast, crotch to crotch. Vicious twisting, biting and gnawing attacks are made on each pair of huge breasts. Back breakers, punches, arm bars, and submitting head scissors aren’t enough. They are back to the spa for another breathless moment, but Shelly wants to demean Quisha’s womanhood and ruthlessly mangles her heaving breasts until they are red and bruised. She then deviously suffocates her prey by the way of face-sitting. Steel Kittens brings you two exhilarating no-holds-barred amateur female wrestling matches that will intoxicate your desire!


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DVD: Wet & Wild Women
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