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Fabulous Moolah DVD: Vintage 50`s, 60`s & 70`s VA-50-6 Approx. Run Time 120 min.. Product #: VA-50-6 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Vintage 50`s, 60`s & 70`s VA-50-6

1. Vivian Vachon (Brown Suit) & Betty Niccoli vs Jean Antone (White Top) & P. Drake
2. Jean Antone & Cathy McCoy (Blonde) vs Betty Niccoli (Polka Dots) & Kay Casey
3. Jean Antone (Red Suit) vs Candi Cane
4. Mary Jane Mull (Blonde) vs Princess Jasmine
5. Mary Jane Mull (Blonde) & Peggy Steele vs Princess Jasmine (Pink Suit) & Beulah Brown
6. Joyce Grable vs LeLani Kai (Barefoot)
7. Beverly Shade (Blonde) & Natasha vs Ann Casey (Barefoot) & Sharon Lee
8. LeLani Kai vs Della Cooper (Blonde)
9. Marie LaVerne (White Suit) vs Early Dawn
10. Debbie Combs (Blonde) vs Kay Roberts
11. Vivian St. John & Joyce Grable (Blonde) vs Moolah & Kitty Adams
12. Joyce Grable & Vicki Williams (Barefoot) vs LeLani Kai (Blue Suit) & Linda Ferraria
13. Jackie West & Sarah Lee (Red Suit) vs Jumbo Miyamora (Striped Suit) & Junko Sasaki
14. Natasha vs Myuki Yamai
15. Natasha vs Junko Sasaki
16. Paula Kaye vs Kyoko Chigusa
17. Fabulous Moolah vs Chiyo Obato
18. Vivian Vachon (Flowered Suit) vs Naoro Sato
11 Pro Girl & 7 Tag Team - Classic Professional Women`s Wrestling Matches
VA-50-6 Approx. Run Time 120 min
On this great collection of classic professional women`s wrestling, you’ll see some of the great stars of the 50s-70s: Jean Antone, Joyce Grable, Betty Niccoli, LeLani Kai, Debbie Combs, Moolah, Marie LaVerne, and more.
The last six matches were filmed in Japan prior to videotape and show Moolah, Vivian Vachon, Sarah Lee, Paula Kaye, Natasha, and Jackie West being slaughtered in the first invasion by U.S. women into the Orient. The Japanese women weren’t doing much high flying in this era, but they were magnificent brawlers. You’ll even see Moolah losing her belt, which she regained later in Japan!


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DVD: Vintage 50`s, 60`s & 70`s VA-50-6

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