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Kimberly Jane DVD: Topless Tigresses Approx. Run Time 35 min.. Product #: SK-369 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Topless Tigresses

Princezz vs. Kimberly Jane
Topless Amateur Female Wrestling
SK-369 Approx. Run Time 35 min
This sexy topless female wrestling match features the beautiful blonde Princezz against the determined to win Kimberly Jane. But don’t mess with the Princezz! Kimberly Jane soon finds herself in some real danger as Princezz gets after it! Kimberly finds herself pinned to the mat! She escapes and retaliates with a double forearm smash to Princezz chest followed by a wedgie and the Princezz is down! Princezz uses her beautiful legs toe smash Kimberly Jane into the turnbuckle and takes control. Face sits to belly kicks and Kimberly Jane is in some real pain. She attempts a bear hug on the Princezz but that was a mistake. Princezz gets to work on Kimberly’s succulent breasts and nipples, then pins them up with a full leg arm bar and inflicts some nipple pinching, belly pinching pain! But Kimberly, full of fire, traps Princezz in the turnbuckle and smashes her prone body over and over, slams her to the floor and couple chops her till she is out of breath.

See some of the sexiest pretzel holds we have ever witnessed as Kimberly Jane takes full advantage and pins the Princezz up, rakes her exposed butt, and pins her up in a standing over the neck leg breaker, then taunts the pretty blonde, sits on her face and makes her suffer! The Princezz is enraged and is now out to teach the brunette a lesson! She uses her pretty feet as weapons of torture! They are in Kimberly’s face and she also delivers toe twisting nipple torture followed by a front wedgie to Kimberly’s prone crotch. Up to her dirty tactics she almost breaks Kimberly’s fingers. Kimberly manages to get the Princezz up on a standing head scissors, but the Princezz punches Kimberly Jane in the face! Stomps her to the floor and punishes her in the ropes. Heavenly bodies are beaten and bruised in this very sexy amateur female wrestling match, which ends with the deadly sleeper hold, rendering one bikini babe out cold on the ring floor. The winners’ foot is poised on the losers’ exposed breasts and she poses in victory. Exciting amateur female wrestling from Steel Kittens!


Wrestlers : Kimberly Jane, Princezz
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DVD: Topless Tigresses
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