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Desire aka Shelly Martinez: Women Wrestler DVD: The Kats Meow Approx. Run Time 40 min.. Product #: SK-246 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: The Kats Meow

Kat Deville vs. Desire
Professional Women’s Wrestling, Domination
SK-246 Approx. Run Time 40 min
This professional woman’s wrestling match features the svelte beauty Kat DeVille, and she is all business in her small leopard print mask, and a tight black one piece, against the brunette beauty Desire. DeVille shows disdain for barefoot Desire, in her skimpy yellow bikini. Desire insists that she can be sexy and serious in the wrestling ring, and will soon have opportunity to prove her point, or will she? The two women go right at it in a test of strength. They begin an assault rife with exchanges of holds, Arm bars, shoulder smashes, vicious chokeholds and fast hair flying action from pillar to post. These two professional women wrestlers go at it with a fury, exchanging stinging chops, reverse headlocks, scissors, surfboards, Airplane spins, and powerful body slams! DeVille, being very ring savvy, invents new holds to punish the brunette beauty and puts Desire in a wicked vertical split, you’ll have to see this one, giving DeVille the upper hand.

The action soon spills out to the apron and the sexy DeVille viciously grabs the beautiful brunettes head and gives her a face plant into the steel siding, ouch! then bend’s Desire in a backbreaker over the top ropes, savagely pulling Desires long black hair. But this is only a warm up for the torture that DeVille dishes out in the turnbuckles. Desire is screaming in agony, but DeVille sweeps her up and slams her down, putting Desire in a Reverse Cradle Back Breaker. Desire squirms her sexy legs, desperately trying to escape while Deville’s leather boots deliver pounding kicks on the flailing brunette. Desire tries fighting back valiantly with kicks and chops, but is no match for Deville’s onslaught. A brutal Camel Clutch is the beginning of the end for the beautiful brunette, as it is none to soon for Desire! Proving it’s truly the Kat’s Meow. A super professional women’s wrestling match from Steel Kittens you won’t want to miss.


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DVD: The Kats Meow
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