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Christy E. DVD: Teacher A Lesson Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: SK-71 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Teacher A Lesson

Christy E. vs. Diane B.
Domination Fantasy Apartment
SK-71 Approx. Run Time 45 min
Cute Cathy (Diane)decides to come to school to teach her son’s teacher a lesson. It seems her son, Tommy has been the subject of his teacher’s venom. Cathy is convinced that Christy is unfairly treating her young son. When confronted, Christy tells Cathy that her son is stupid and deserves her comments. Cathy foresaw such a confrontation and quickly challenges the teacher to settle the problem with a wrestling match. Cathy is intent on teaching Christy a lesson. Christy quickly agrees and soon the two women face each other in a real embittered battle. Christy’s powerful body and muscular legs, accented with a jet black one piece suit, attacks the scrawny mom at the onset of this domination fantasy apartment match.

Christy savagely punches Cathy in her soft belly and then grabs the brunette’s hair as she watches Cathy double in pain. Christy then flips Cathy to the floor five consecutive times, without losing the grip of her opponents hair!!! The lesson continues with two thundering bodyslams. Soon Cathy realizes she has picked on the wrong teacher. Christy delivers two superb flips and a savage leg scissors which have Tommy’s mother wailing in pain. Christy is determined to show Cathy who of the two really needs to learn a lesson. Showing no mercy Christy applies a standing arm stretch and then straddles the brutalized babe and applies a smothering chin lock. Tiring of her pleasure, Christy savagely pulls the compliant mom up by her hair and tosses her to the floor one more time. Christy’s vast legs bulge with muscle as she reduces Cathy to a remorseful mop, helpless and sobbing for mercy.

Christy agrees to grant mercy on the condition that Cathy perform any task that Christy requests. Cathy fearing greater retaliation, has no choice but to agree to this domination fantacy. Christy donned in her spiked heels, looks on with disgust as she approaches her beaten prize. She orders Cathy to praise her powerful legs, thrusting Cathy into the pit of deep humiliation!!! Christy sensing her victim`s displeasure demands for several other displays of repentance to prove her victorious which the beaten Cathy humbly performs. Has the teacher taught a moralizing lesson? You decide!!!


Wrestlers : Christy E., Diane B.
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DVD: Teacher A Lesson
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