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Belle Wrestling Women | Pro Wrestling | Street Fight | DVD Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: sk-297 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

Wrestling Women | Pro Wrestling | Street Fight | DVD

Frankie vs. Belle
Pro Style Women’s Wrestling
sk-297 Approx. Run Time 45 min
If you like tough fighting, you’ll love this match! Frankie cannot believe she has lost to Belle in the Championship series, and has challenged Belle for the title belt. Frankie’s rules. A Street Fight, No Ref, No Rules, First to win three Falls, only by knockout or submission, wins the belt. Belle has accepted Frankie’s challenge and vows that Frankie will be sorry. The beautiful Frankie is first in the ring, looking powerful and claims she is the next champion. Belle arrives and is soon attacked with a powerful kick to the head, immediately flooring her! Frankie leaps on Belle throwing punches to Belles head. Frankie works Belle over hard and demands she submit, but Belle won’t give, and she finally administers a powerful leg lock and Belle has no choice, she gives. Belle is groggy but Frankie insists there is no rest in a street fight! Knees to the ribs, punches to the kidneys, face, and then an atomic drop and Belle is flat on the mat again. Two bodyslams, then a standing back breaker has Belle ready to submit. That is two for Frankie! As Belle gets up she is clearly in pain. Frankie rushes in and Belle rakes her eye’s, grabs a handful of hair and smashes her knee into Frankie’s jaw. Frankie backs away in pain. Belle realizes she is one fall away from losing the belt. Belle attacks with a deluge of kicks on Frankie, ribs, kidneys, face, legs, gets her down and just punishes her with punches to the head and face. She finally chokes Frankie out with a foot choke to the throat. That’s one for Belle! With no rest, Belle is on the attack. Kicking Frankie all over the ring saying “come on Miss MMA, show me what you got”! A shaken Frankie tries to get in some kicks but is so weak she has very little power left. A left then a right kick to Frankie’s ribs, jabs to Frankie’s face have her staggering. Belle now has Frankie where she wants her and sets her up for a mean round house kick to the temple and Frankie is out cold! Now the fight is even.

As Frankie wakes with a cut over her eye and Belle says: “Get up! I want no excuses! Get ready! This fall settles it!” Frankie desperately charges forward with a forearm smash to the head but is so weak she can’t do much damage. Belle smiles, “OH YAH IS THAT ALL YOU GOT” And answers back with two forearm smashes followed by a leg sweep. Frankie is on her back and Frankie screams in pain as Belle concentrates on destroying her left leg. Belle is dominating Frankie. There’s no hope left for Frankie as Belle is just toying with her. Belle has Frankie over the middle ropes, her leg choking her. Belle finally decides to end it. Two hair mars, later she stands over Frankie saying: “I choked you out, I knocked you out and now you’ll submit to my legs.” Belle hooks in a mean neck scissors while she reaches down grabbing Frankie’s left ankle and pulls back. Frankie can’t take the pain and taps out. But Belle just adds pressure and says ‘You think tapping out in a Street Fight is going to help you? “I want to hear it Miss MMA, Are you done? Frankie submits. Belle’s not finished yet! ““No Mercy”! You wanted a street fight. Stands back and while kicking says “well how is this!” A vicious kick to the face and Frankie is bloodied up and out cold. Exhausted after a seriously tough fight, Belle stands over Frankie in victory with belt in hand!


Wrestlers : Belle, Frankie
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Wrestling Women | Pro Wrestling | Street Fight | DVD
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