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Carrera DVD: Some Like it Hot Approx. Run Time 60 min.. Product #: SK-228 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Some Like it Hot

Carrera vs. Darnell & Lindsey vs. Dustin
Two Mixed Wrestling Ring Matches, 1 Topless
SK-228 Approx. Run Time 60 min
The first mixed wrestling ring match has Carrera, our sexy masked fighter taking on a bigger male, Darnell. Accentuating her perfect figure, Carrera sports a red-hot bikini. Really tough for her size, Carrera attacks Darnell from the bell, kneeing him immediately. Darnell is surprised and confused by her non-stop advances, ramming his head into a turnbuckle and kneeing his belly, hard, repeatedly, then a snap mare puts the male on the mat where he is met with stomps, chinlocks and leglocks. Carrera enjoys her attack, as she delivers punishing kicks to his thighs, brutal headlocks, camel clutches more belly stomping topping it off with gouging Darnell’s eyes, till he is almost blind. The match rages on with Carrera dominating, leaving Darnelle groggy and howling. Glistening from the sweat of her exertion, Darnelle has no choice but to submit to this gorgeous wildcat.

Our next mixed wrestling ring match is topless with the bombshell Lindsey using her strength, size and beauty to mesmerize her smaller opponent. Lindsey is very aggressive from start to finish! Dustin gets “Dusted” by tight headlocks, brutal head scissors, and big-busted breast smothers! Lindsey, hopping mad as she floors Dustin, mounts his body and pushes those wondrous orbs on his face as he starts to lose his precious oxygen. Lindsey continues the sexy attack after Dustin tries a pretzel hold, which is broken by Lindsey’s strong arms. Kicking him to the mat once again, and covering him, pushes her tits again in his face, then face-sits him as he moans his displeasure. Dustin, now spread eagled on the mat, is meet with humbling slaps to the face, ensuring he is done for the day. Two Red-Hot Mixed Matches!


Wrestlers : Carrera, Lindsey
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DVD: Some Like it Hot
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