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Alexis DVD: Slugfest Approx. Run Time 40 min.. Product #: sk-221 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Slugfest

Belle vs. Gravel & Carolyn "Sammie" vs. Alexis "Tori"
Mixed Boxing & Fantasy Topless Boxing
sk-221 Approx. Run Time 40 min
This two match “Slugfest” tape first shows Belle challenging Gravel to a mixed wrestling and boxing battle with gloves. Gravel has had some amateur matches, but he lacks the arm reach of the fit blonde. While giving them instructions in the center ring, Ref. Tanya tightens both brawlers’ gloves and busty Goldie parades around as the ring girl. The bell sounds for Round 1. Both fighters feel out the other, sparring and jabbing. Gravel ties up Belle in the ropes as the round ends. Round 2 is all Belle’s as she scores with left jabs to the head, blocks Gravel’s counter attack to her head, and throws combinations at the shocked male.

This superiority continues throughout all of Round 3. When Round 4 starts, Belle looks a little tired and every one of Gravel’s punches brings a grunt from the blonde. Gravel sees his chance and snaps her head sideways with a left hook, battering her into the ropes, bending her backwards with a series of vicious hooks until Belle falls flat on her back. Tanya starts the count. At the count of 8, Belle is up and she goes back in her corner. For the next round, she mounts a serious attack on a gasping and confused guy. The two fighters pound each other until one fighter goes down for the count. This is an excellent mixed boxing match you won’t want to miss.

Next, Sammie’s boyfriend, who wants her to get in shape with some boxing lessons, takes her to the gym--and is she in for the fight of her life! Tori, the owner, puts Sammie in for an evaluation, but Tori likes the looks of Sammie’s boyfriend. A brutal “Slugfest” ensues with face, stomach, and bare breasted punches. Tori turns the topless Sammie into a bloody and bruised mess, then arrogantly exits with Sammie’s man. This remake short is intense from start to finish!


Wrestlers : Alexis, Belle, Carolyn
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DVD: Slugfest
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DVD Product: $24.95